Missouri’s 44-Network Information Center

AMPRnet Coordinator's Wiki & FAQs

Welcome! I’m Ronnie (WØrdm - rdm@rdm.io - https://rdm.io), I have been the Missouri 44Net Coordinator since July of 2020. As the IP address coordinator for Missouri, I am reponsible for assigning IP addresses in the /16 IP space and offering technical tips as needed. This space will serve as a simple reference point for Missouri Amateur Radio Operators interested in leveraging the 44Net IP space for their radio projects.

This website was created to help simplify the onboarding process between a potential Missouri radio operator and me, the AMPRnet Coordinator. This website will never replace the AMPRNet Wiki, only supplement.

Overview of onboarding

Currently Allocated Space

Network Description / Overview of Use Allocated To Last Updated /32 AC0G AC0G 27 Nov 2013 /32 WE0DX WE0DX /30 SEMO Packet Net AB9S /29 KB0WLF in the woods KB0WLF /29 KD0BQS KD0BQS /29 K0SNP experimental K0SNP /29 KE0WDI KE0WDI /29 KC4UPR experiments KC4UPR /28 W0KAH W0KAH /28 K0JAA experimental K0JAA /28 Experimental AB0DK /28 KD0WCV Exp KD0WCV /28 KC0EZE KC0EZE /28 Platte County Amateur Radio Group NR0AD /28 Mesh and Packet testing K0DEZ /28 WZ9W Node WZ9W 3 Sept 2022 /24 NR0Q NR0Q /24 Kansas City Metro BYRG AMPR Network W0NQX /24 N0RJC - Various Services N0RJC /24 KY0LE Experimental KY0LE /24 Mesh Network Testing W0RDM /24 AA0RC Networking AA0RC /24 KC0UDT Home Net KC0UDT /24 n0uuu N0UUU /24 DIGITAL NETWORK NM5PB /24 KD0EAG amateur-experimental KD0EAG /24 Blue Springs, Missouri N0VEP  

This table was last manually updated on, September 3rd, 2022. You can view the most up to date information via the Missouri AMPRNet Portal.